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Sometimes, I wish I'd grown up here instead of the Philippines. I don't regret my friends there, I just regret not having friends here who fulfill my need to obsess over music. And some other things. But music, in general. It's not easy making friends here with the same interest level. I guess I just don't find people as passionate (Or as hormone-driven as everyone else was in HS) about anything, really. It's odd. I feel all wrong, somehow.

I swear I'm not doing a whole hipster bit on you. I'm nowhere near, Let's Talk Music, And Debate About It Too, as any hardcore fans/people in the music industry are. I just want people who'll get excited over the new records coming out (Silverstein, Senses Fail, Eminem, anyone? Anyone?), or go crazy over new bands.

Ah well. Maybe there's time enough to convert my buddy before he leaves for the Philippines in n years.

I'm trying this new thing where I actually put words to my opinions on music. I have high hopes that it'll make me explain myself better whenever people ask why it is I like an artist.

I'm currently listening to Jimmy Eat World's Futures from 2004. It's really good. Admittedly, the other albums of theirs don't draw me in as much, but this is great. It's emotional, and it connects to my more morose, melancholic side. I can't explain how beautiful everything is in actual technical music terms. But it's such a heart-breaking record. I'll probably have more words to describe it when I get to work tomorrow.

I'm glad I've finally gotten around to actually listening to JEW's discography.

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